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As part of our commitment to provide you with quality service, we have formed strategic business alliances with a number of valuable financial institutions small and large.  As the first stop for clients who have questions and concerns regarding their finances, we maintain our independence, so we can pool our resources specifically to meet your needs.  We have the freedom to bring you the investments that are appropriate for you:

Freedom of Choice
  • Thousands of Mutual Funds

  • Variable & Fixed Annuities

  • Life Insurance Products

  • Third-Party Account Managers

  • Dozens of Retirement Plans

  • Common & Preferred Stocks

  • Stock Options

  • Corporate, Munis, & Government Securities

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

  • Long-term Care & Disability Insurance

  • Alternate Investments & REITs

Planning Services
  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate Planning Strategies

  • College Funding

  • Survivor Needs

  • Tax Management

  • Accumulation Planning

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Online Account Access

For Businesses
  • Advanced Retirement Plan Design

  • Fiduciary Review

  • Profit Sharing - Simple IRA

  • 401(k) - Roth 401(k)

  • Solutions for Top-Heavy Plans

  • Startup Plans & Plan Restatement

  • Employee Workshops

For Individuals
  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Personalized Financial Review

  • IRA – Roth IRA

  • Plan Consolidation - Rollover IRA's

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Brokerage Accounts with Check-writing

  • Services for the Retired & Retiring

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